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Anarchism is both a political philosophy and a social movement. As a social movement, anarchism aims to create a classless, non‐hierarchical society; that is, a society ‘without rulers’ (anarchy). As a political philosophy, anarchism maintains that the creation of such a society is both possible and desirable. Anarchists are those who actively work towards realising this possibility.

The ideal economic system, one that is consistent with the principles of liberty, equality and solidarity, is anarchist or libertarian communism. Libertarian communism means the common ownership of the means of production and the free association of producers. The implementation of anarchism can only be through the free federation of productive and communal organizations.

Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without freedom is slavery.  – Mikhail Bakunin.

(The above is taken from the Melbourne Anarchist Club’s Aims & Principles. This document forms the operating definition of anarchy and anarchists for the purposes of this website.)

Anarchy.org.au is an online project by and for anarchists in the Australasian/Oceania region, intended to help anarchists with their own online projects. Anarchy.org.au evolved out of xchange, an Australian anarchist internet presence (with humble beginnings as an @ dialup bulletin board more than 16 years ago), now defunct. It is currently administered by the Melbourne Anarchist Club.